The ShowMe3D app is available on iTunes for iOS devices or on the for Mac computers.

  1. The iTunes version allows you to take 3D pictures using the camera on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You can then share your 3D photos on Facebook, Twitter, or simply by email. Not sure how that works? No problem! We have a tutorial videos for you: in English and in French!
    Visualization Modes:

    • Anaglygh (Red/Blue glasses): glasses are available for sale on our website. Visit ShowMe3D!
    • Hasbro my3D viewer: to be bought separately
    • Wiggle mode: flips between the left and right views
    • cross-eyed: cross your eyes and see a third picture in the middle… in 3D!
  2. The Mac version allows you to see your 3D photos on a bigger screen. Check it out on the App Store!

Tutorial Video